Fireball Run: Northern Exposure

"Little Stinker"

Season 6, Day 3, Episode 1

Episode: Little Stinker. Hay isn't only for horses as driver leverage true horse power at McKinney Stables. Things get a little cheesy for team Rally Fighter. Everyone is winking at the local eatery and a Fire Chief loses his hat.

"Star Wrek II: Wrath of Lucy"

Season 6, Day 2, Episode 5

Episode: Star Wreck II: Wrath of Lucy. The day begins with a little prayer and the Beavers dress for success. Teams have a ball at the Lucy-Desi Center for Comedy so everyone can take a ride in her Mercedes-Benz. An Emmy nomination becomes tearfully emotional for team Time Car. Astronaut Jon McBride calls for Houston and everyone gets screwed in the end. Mayor Samuel Teresi drives this crazy train to a grand finish in Jamestown New York.

"Ye Olde Bag"

Season 6, Day 2, Episode 4

"Timber" sees red... Team New Mexico sees green. History reveals itself- as the Governor of New York, in this classic FIREBALL RUN episode! Team gets sacked in Jamestown then leaves everyone else holding the bag.  Finally a music mission has guest star band members of 10,000 maniacs covering their ears when suddenly Team Hot Water scores a hit.


"Birds of a Feather"

Season 6, Day 2, Episode 3

FIREBALL RUN drivers continue their quest into Jamestown, NY for flying lessons and little pond dipping.  The Canadian Beavers daytime epic bird release of a nocturnal owl falls flat. Meanwhile Team Ogunquit marches eerily close to the Nuremburg Trials Chief Prosecutor. WOW- time really does fly in this episode. 

"Keep on Truckin'"

Season 6, Day 2, Episode 2

Every year Team Shaver gets the first ticket- this year turns out no different. Nothing will stop this crazy train as teams see the light at a small house, locate a random silo, and then rock out to Panama. Everyone has a ball turning ol' big red at a Cummings Diesel plant in Jamestown New York.


"Chariots On Fire"

Season 6, Day 2, Episode 1

No one gives a dime about a major cover up in Conneaut Ohio. Historic time travels sends Fireballers deep into enemy territory on Normandy Beach; but to escape this episode they'll need General Eisenhower AND his secretary. 

"Ready. Set. Wet."

Season 6, Day 1, Episode 2

Episode: Ready. Set. Wet.- A thunderstorm of bad luck continues as the shows executive, David, tries desperately to keep the show on schedule in the rain; J.J. briefs teams on the road ahead, and the Independence Mayor tries to save the day with a fireworks spectacular that will blow everyone away. Finally it's Green Flag as FIREBALL RUN: Northern Exposure starts their most epic adventure yet.


"Cloudy with a Chance"

Season 6, Day 1, Episode 1

A perfect day for rain; drivers check-in, get registered, roll across the red carpet and get soaking wet. Meet a couple of zany doctors in an ambulance, Canadian beavers, a whole lotta lady teams, and even a Time Car in episode "Cloudy with a Chance" Featuring Timber Tina from CBS's Survivor, Gallup, New Mexico Mayor Jackie McKinney.

"Here We Roll Again"

Season 6, Day 0, Episode 1

After 15 months of preparation, things immediately go wrong for the FIREBALL RUN crew; missing equipment, bad internet, and J loses it with just hours to go. Four people in a Fisker, a hot air balloon chase crew, and another in an ambulance... "Here we roll again" Season 6 FIREBALL RUN: Northern Exposure. Introducing Independence, Ohio Mayor Greg Kurtz.