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The Staley Collection DVD

The Staley Collection - DVD*

George Staley shares historical information and personal anecdotes about 32 automobiles from his famous collection. Some of the cars featured are a 1930 Model J Duesenburg, a 1903 Franklin Runabout, a 1918 Cadillac 7-Passenger Sedan, a 1923 Essex Commercial Roadster, a 1929 Chevrolet International Landau, a 1925 Stutz Roadster, a 1935 Auburn 4-door Convertible Sedan, a 1937 Cord Sportsman, a 1936 Lincoln Chauffeur-driven Sedan, and a Divco Delivery Truck.


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Cars Made in New York State DVD

Cars Made In New York State - DVD*

In all, there were over 200 different makes of automobiles manufactured in New York State. Some were one-of-a-kind, others were produced by the thousands. Many were average vehicles, but some were among the greatest cars ever built. This video is a tribute to those companies and individuals who designed and built the foundation for the automobile industry as it exists today. Among the 20 plus cars featured in this collection are a Cunningham Hearse, a Rochester Steamer, a Playboy Convertible, an O-We-Go Cycle Car, a Maxwell (of Jack Benny fame) and a Browniekar built especially for children.


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George Staley The Man & His Cars DVD

George Staley-The Man and His Cars - DVD*

George Staley shares his insight and anecdotes about his early years on the farm, his involvement with the Enola Gay in WWII, and his six most recent additions to the automobile collection.


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The Making (and Occasional Unraveling) of a Sports Car Buff

The fifty-nine year saga (1932-1990) of collecting, fixing, and mostly losing thirty-seven cars and one ancient belt-drive Pope motorcyle.

by Harry Phillips

From Fred Lyngard, friend of the author: 

     "From a list of cars as long as your arm, Harry Phillips, a local boy from Utica went from amateur car buff to dedicated and often frustrated car collector.  However, Harry didn't keep his collection but went from car to car moare as forms of basic transportation most of the time.

     Harry's rationale and motivation for writing his car memoirs (a sort of 'auto'-biography) is the claim that his experiences are more numerous, more strange, more unitque and often more exasperating than any which happen during the average person's lifetime.

     I have had the great and singlular honor to know Harry Phillips for the last half-century - from his professorial days at Crane School of Music in Potsdam, NY to his sailing days racing with him in a 30-foot yacht on Sarasota Bay in Floriday when he was in his 80's!  People used to remark to me, 'Aren't you afraid to be out there in that big boat sailing with Harry at his age?'  I would respond gleefully 'Oh, I frear for myself once in a while but Harry - I never worry about him!'  I mean he was still playing doubles tennis three times a week well into his 80s!

     This delightful story's timeline spans fifty-nine years and you are guaranteed many smiles and outright laughs along the way."

Cars Made in Upstate New York book

Cars Made in Upstate New York book 

Written by James F. Bellamy, this book explores the history of nearly every automobile made in 7 regions of New York State (excluding the Greater New York City region).  This well-researched history features well-known vehicles such as Pierce-Arrow (Buffalo) and Franklin (Syracuse) as well as some lesser-known makes such as Jenkins (Rochester) and Hatfield (Sidney); includes many black & white photos.  Soft-bound, measures 8 1/2" X 11", 278 pages, shrink-wrapped. The hardcover edition has been out of print for several years; this edition was recently reprinted by the author's son.


NECCM 15th Anniversary Commemorative Book

This spiral-bound, laminated book features a brief photo history of the Museum's first 15 years of exhibits. 


Wagonmasters DVD

An original film from Honest Eye productions, this is a look at the Station Wagon, it's history, and the people who are dedicated to it.


Hemmings Motor News Collector Car Encyclopedia

Hemmings Motor News Collector-Car Encyclopedia


"A Giant, First Of Its Kind Reference Source For Everything "Collector-Car"

The Hemmings Motor News Illustrated Collector-Car Encyclopedia aims to be the ultimate visual guide to the automobile. Within its comprehensive listings there will be profiles of all the domestic and international automobile companies, coachbuilders, designers and stylists. Detailed listings will describe the many different components that make up engines, transmissions, differentials, suspensions, brakes and ignition systems, as well as wheels, tires, interiors, lighting and more. Additional chapters on tools, machinery, paint, museums, concours, restoration, hot rodding, racing, toys and art will combine to make this the single most comprehensive automotive encyclopedia ever published.

This is certain to become the main reference source for all car owners, collectors, dealers, historians, teachers and budding young car enthusiasts.

Over 288 pages and over 30 categories"



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